Adventures in Galway & Dingle

Galway and Dingle
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I’ll be perfectly honest, the night we arrived in Galway was the night I started drinking. The sequence of events, especially in the evenings, are sketchy at best. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not! Drinking the night away is about as authentically local as you can get when you travel to Ireland!
We arrived in Galway and had all afternoon to spend exploring the city. We spent most of our time wandering up and down the streets in what I would call the market area. Beautiful coloured store-fronts, a little street market by the church, and endless live music in the streets.
After dinner, we headed out for the Spanish Arches, a pub on the high street. The drinks were pretty expensive but the atmosphere was great. We stopped by the King’s Head as well, and their live music was even better, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun! Everyone is just there to have a good time and to dance and even though it was really, really warm in the crowd, it was still so amazing.
Galway and Dingle 2
The next day we set off pretty early for the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast. The drive was so beautiful coming down the coast, and just before we made it to our destination our guide pulled over and introduced us to the ‘Baby Cliffs’. With the Cliffs of Moher in the distance, the baby cliffs are a much smaller version but just as beautiful.
Onwards and upwards we went to the true cliffs. Nothing really prepares you for just how big they are, and how far down the water is. Some crazy daredevils were sitting super close to the edge to great some amazing footage. I however, was a big chicken and just made it look like I was near the edge, when I was in fact very far from the edge. Because I like my life. We also went on a cruise out below the cliffs, which was just crazy to do, and see how tiny the people at the top were.
Galway and Dingle 3
That evening we stayed in a tiny little village called Annascaul in the heart of the Dingle Peninsula. Annascaul consists of a few hotels, a hostel, and five pubs. We made our way down this one street town, hitting most of the pubs on our way to the Randy Leprechaun. The Randy Leprechaun being the pub attached to the hostel we were staying at, and the amazing host to a quite memorable karaoke night… To this day I randomly find myself humming ‘Country Road Take Me Home.’
Day four dawned and we were off down the coast again. We headed into Dingle town around lunch time and explored this quaint little seaside down and we did some shopping in their adorable little shops. We also stopped in for lunch at Paudie’s Bar (which has drool-worthy fish and chips by the way!) We also ran into this adorable donkey
dressed as a Mexican. For reasons.

This day was probably the absolute highlight of the trip for me simply because it was so incredibly breathtaking. We made several stops along the coast to just take in the vast and gorgeous landscapes that unfolded before us.

Also… BABY SHEEP! We stopped at this little farm, where there were also beehive huts, and we got to hold lambs. LAMBS. This is not a drill!
galway and dingle 5
This portion of the trip was definitely the highlight for me. I met and mingled with some incredible people, bonded with my fellow Canadian traveler, witnessed the insane beauty of the Irish coasts, and of course, I got to hold a baby sheep!

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